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Dynamics of the Request-to-Pay Ecosystem

Dynamics of the request-to-pay ecosystem, w/ peter cornforth

In this episode, our Open Banking Network is joined by Peter Cornforth, the commercial director of Answer Pay. We talk about Answer Pay’s role in the request to pay ecosystem, as well as how this will impact open banking within the country and around the globe. We had the honour to listen to Peter’s diverse experience working with Amazon, MPesa, Token and Santander lead us to an interesting discussion into how Open Banking benefits merchants, startups, PSPs and banks differently.

About AnswerPay:

Answer Pay brings the world closer together with smarter payments. We do this by empowering banks and payment service providers through mutually beneficial, connected payments.
Answer Pay’s Request to Pay platform allows both payers and billers to leverage the network effect of an interconnected payment ecosystem. Payers can securely store and manage their bill payments from multiple billers in a single app. Billers can ditch cash, cheque and card payments and save money while offering their customers the same flexibility. Payments – just less complicated.

Peter Cornforth

Commercial Director of AnswerPay

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Evolution of Open Banking within Europe and Beyond

Evolution of open Banking within europe and beyond, w/ tom greenwood

In this episode of Open Banking Podcast, we continue to explore the current payments sphere and how has it evolved since the introduction of PSD2. This week we had the honour of hosting Tom Greenwood, the CEO of  VOLT Open Banking.  We get to look at Tom’s payments journey so far through his experience at AFEX, Wombat and IFX Payments. Tom’s shares his unique perspective on the current state of Open Banking and how VOLT is unlocking the potential of Open Banking payments. Tune in to find out what has happened in the payments industry in the last year and how VOLT is becoming a single aggregation point and gateway to the world of Open Banking.


About VOLT:

VOLT is a next-generation digital money platform that manages bank direct payments in a secure environment, mitigating card fraud. This innovative solution displaces incumbent payment participants through the deployment of state of the art technology; and is enabled by recent Open Banking (PSD2).

Get in touch:

Tom Greenwood

CEO of VOLT Open Banking

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DLT and Blockchain Technology Inside and Out

DLT and Blockchain Technology Inside and Out, featuring Ossie Amir

In this week’s fintech playlist we are entering the realm of DLT and blockchain technology. We had the pleasure of hosting Ossie Amir,  a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and founder with a focus on wide-scale systems change, and a penchant for catalysing the growth of innovative technology. Having co-founded companies in artificial intelligence, clean energy storage and fintech, Ossie’s journey into the world of payments and open banking started many years ago with the potential of Web 3. Currently working on his blockchain-powered payments platform, Ossie was able to take us through the blockchain technology inside and out. He hopes his involvement in the industry can help usher in a future where financial institutions support regenerative systems change around the world. 

If you are interested in learning more about the payments sphere in New Zeland vision on the payments, make sure to visit:


About choice:

Choice is a robin hood payments system. Pay with your phone using Choice instead of using your bank card at stores by scanning a ChoiceQR code. Regular merchant transaction fees go to multinational companies, and Choice redirects this fee to a charity of your choice instead. Choice enables a direct bank transfer to the merchant, connecting banking APIs with the physical terminal fleet taking New Zealand’s domestic payments systems into the 21st century.

Blockchain infrastructure empowers Choice to transparently track and trace the social impact made by each payment. This infrastructure enables Choice to be globally scalable. Choice is paving the way for an impactful, innovative payments ecosystem built in New Zealand. Pay with purpose.

Learn more about Choice:



Ossie Amir

Co-Founder at Choice

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How PSPs and Merchants are Handling the COVID-19 Crisis in LATAM

How PSps and merchants are handling the covid-19 crisis in latam

In this episode of the OBN Podcast, we’re speaking with Gabriela Vieira, Director of Legal and Operations at PrimeiroPay. PrimeiroPay is a Brazilian PSP that has gone from startup to strong player within the Latam Market. Gabriela dives into the changes that are happening in the local market as a result of COVID-19, including a new regulation that has led to stronger protection of funds for PSPs and Merchants.

We also discuss how Open banking in Brazil is projected to be implemented in the near future, and the top 5 things global merchants should take into consideration when entering the Brazilian market.

About PrimeiroPay .

PrimeiroPay is a unique payment service provider in Latin America. Our focus is to provide our merchants with a simple and efficient way to process cross-border payments in the region without the need of a local entity. We are connected to the major acquirers, providing Credit Card Payments as well as local payment methods such as Boleto Bancario. Using PrimeiroPay, your customers can purchase physical and digital goods online without any tax or Foreign Exchange burden as we process all cards locally. With our competitive tax structure, we are able to provide the best available rates in the market. Payments are made in Brazil, safe and secure for our merchants and your customers. 

Get in touch today and learn more about Primeiropay. To find out more, visit:



Gabriela Vieira

Director of Legal and Operations at PrimeiroPay


Innovation Race between Banks and Fintechs – featuring AccessPay

innovation race between banks and fintechs, featuring accesspay

In this episode, we have the honour to speak to Danny Doyle and Winston Pearson of AccessPay – an integration platform that connects corporate businesses to any bank, payment scheme or system, whilst working in tandem with any existing back-office system. Whereas last week we looked at how the Open Banking Regulation holds in Germany, this episode focuses on the UK regulatory perspective. 

We were able to get a good perspective on how Open Banking works for not only consumers, but for corporate clients as well, and since AccessPay is based in the UK, we got an insight into how Open Banking has affected the way payments are made as well as the challenges that UK banks face in the innovation race against Fintechs.


About accesspay

The Enterprise-to-Bank integration platform. Creating a frictionless world where organisations can connect any back-office system, to 11,000+ banks and payment schemes quickly and securely. We solve banking integration challenges for thousands of finance and treasury teams across the globe. Always cloud-based. That’s what makes us the fastest growing FinTech outside of London

To find out more, visit: AccessPay



Danny Doyle & Winston Pearson

from AccessPay