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How PSPs and Merchants are Handling the COVID-19 Crisis in LATAM

How PSps and merchants are handling the covid-19 crisis in latam

In this episode of the OBN Podcast, we’re speaking with Gabriela Vieira, Director of Legal and Operations at PrimeiroPay. PrimeiroPay is a Brazilian PSP that has gone from startup to strong player within the Latam Market. Gabriela dives into the changes that are happening in the local market as a result of COVID-19, including a new regulation that has led to stronger protection of funds for PSPs and Merchants.

We also discuss how Open banking in Brazil is projected to be implemented in the near future, and the top 5 things global merchants should take into consideration when entering the Brazilian market.

About PrimeiroPay .

PrimeiroPay is a unique payment service provider in Latin America. Our focus is to provide our merchants with a simple and efficient way to process cross-border payments in the region without the need of a local entity. We are connected to the major acquirers, providing Credit Card Payments as well as local payment methods such as Boleto Bancario. Using PrimeiroPay, your customers can purchase physical and digital goods online without any tax or Foreign Exchange burden as we process all cards locally. With our competitive tax structure, we are able to provide the best available rates in the market. Payments are made in Brazil, safe and secure for our merchants and your customers. 

Get in touch today and learn more about Primeiropay. To find out more, visit: http://www.primeiropay.com



Gabriela Vieira

Director of Legal and Operations at PrimeiroPay


Innovation Race between Banks and Fintechs – featuring AccessPay

innovation race between banks and fintechs, featuring accesspay

In this episode, we have the honour to speak to Danny Doyle and Winston Pearson of AccessPay – an integration platform that connects corporate businesses to any bank, payment scheme or system, whilst working in tandem with any existing back-office system. Whereas last week we looked at how the Open Banking Regulation holds in Germany, this episode focuses on the UK regulatory perspective. 

We were able to get a good perspective on how Open Banking works for not only consumers, but for corporate clients as well, and since AccessPay is based in the UK, we got an insight into how Open Banking has affected the way payments are made as well as the challenges that UK banks face in the innovation race against Fintechs.


About accesspay

The Enterprise-to-Bank integration platform. Creating a frictionless world where organisations can connect any back-office system, to 11,000+ banks and payment schemes quickly and securely. We solve banking integration challenges for thousands of finance and treasury teams across the globe. Always cloud-based. That’s what makes us the fastest growing FinTech outside of London

To find out more, visit: AccessPay



Danny Doyle & Winston Pearson

from AccessPay

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How Germany has been at the Forefront of Open Banking – with Georg Schardt of Blue Code

How Germany has been at the Forefront of Open Banking - with Georg Schardt of Bluecode

In this episode, we had a chance to sit down with the Georg Schardt who has been in the payments and e-commerce industry since the very beginning. We get an insight into how Germany’s payment solutions have been providing open banking solutions for customers long before PSD2 came into effect. From Sofort to new solutions like Bluecode, we are happy to had the opportunity to dwell into Open Banking regulation from such a unique perspective. Why the German market could be more complicated than others but is still so far ahead? Tune in and find out!


About Bluecode

Bluecode is a pan-European mobile payment solution for banks and retailers that allows fast, secure, and anonymous payments using mobile devices. With every purchase, Blue code generates a single-use TAN that is valid for four minutes and displays it on the smartphone screen, triggering an anonymous payment directly from the customer’s debit account. The TAN is shown on the smartphone screen both as a blue barcode and numerical code, and works independent of specific transmission technologies: at the register, Blue code will be scanned, at vending machines, it will be transmitted via Bluetooth, or QR Code when making online purchases. Additionally, Blue code can be integrated with retailer loyalty rewards programs, facilitating a one-scan payment & loyalty process at the register.

To find out more, visit: www.bluecode.com


Georg Schardt

Chief Operating Officer at Bluecode

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How Regulatory Change is Causing Innovation in the Payments Space – with Bhupinder Saini of Openitio

How Regulatory Change is Causing Innovation in the Payments Space - with Bhupinder Saini of Openitio


“Consumers don’t know open banking, they know the end solution and how it benefits them.”

The relationship between fintechs, banks and consumers will start to shift into a new direction. Open banking will fundamentally disrupt the conventional way of how banks manage relationships with their customers, following the momentum and adapting to increasing innovations rather than sticking to the life-long customer base. Whilst the majority of banks have started to adapt to the regulations of Open Banking, some are still against the change and thus choose to ignore the new revolutionising way of payments. With a rise of challenger banks and the further adaptation of traditional banking to the new PSD2 requirements, what does this mean for the consumers?
Bhupinder Saini of Openitio talks about how new and old players should focus on usability first.

Bhupinder Saini

Co-Founder & CTO at Openitio

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Introduction to Open Banking Network

Introduction to
Open Banking Network

Welcome to first introductory Episode of Open Banking Network

In this podcast series we will introduce you to the new way of banking that will revolutionise how people pay. Twice a month, we will discuss changes happening in the banking space and share knowledge about the new developments in the FinTech sector. In this introductory episode we talk about who Open Banking Network is and what Open Banking is all about.

If you want to join the global network of FinTech enthusiasts who have a vision for a better world, subscribe to stay up to date on the latest news on Open Banking!

Have you got anything interesting to say about Open Banking? Feel free to reach out to us at partners@openbanking.world  and maybe you will be our next guest.


Lené Green​

OBN Co-Founder & Podcast Host