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DLT and Blockchain Technology Inside and Out

DLT and Blockchain Technology Inside and Out, featuring Ossie Amir

In this week’s fintech playlist we are entering the realm of DLT and blockchain technology. We had the pleasure of hosting Ossie Amir,  a multi-disciplinary entrepreneur and founder with a focus on wide-scale systems change, and a penchant for catalysing the growth of innovative technology. Having co-founded companies in artificial intelligence, clean energy storage and fintech, Ossie’s journey into the world of payments and open banking started many years ago with the potential of Web 3. Currently working on his blockchain-powered payments platform, Ossie was able to take us through the blockchain technology inside and out. He hopes his involvement in the industry can help usher in a future where financial institutions support regenerative systems change around the world. 

If you are interested in learning more about the payments sphere in New Zealand vision on the payments, make sure to visit: https://www.paymentsnz.co.nz/


About choice:

Choice is a robin hood payments system. Pay with your phone using Choice instead of using your bank card at stores by scanning a ChoiceQR code. Regular merchant transaction fees go to multinational companies, and Choice redirects this fee to a charity of your choice instead. Choice enables a direct bank transfer to the merchant, connecting banking APIs with the physical terminal fleet taking New Zealand’s domestic payments systems into the 21st century.

Blockchain infrastructure empowers Choice to transparently track and trace the social impact made by each payment. This infrastructure enables Choice to be globally scalable. Choice is paving the way for an impactful, innovative payments ecosystem built in New Zealand. Pay with purpose.

Learn more about Choice: https://choicetopay.com/



Ossie Amir

Co-Founder at Choice

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