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How PSPs and Merchants are Handling the COVID-19 Crisis in LATAM

How PSps and merchants are handling the covid-19 crisis in latam

In this episode of the OBN Podcast, we’re speaking with Gabriela Vieira, Director of Legal and Operations at PrimeiroPay. PrimeiroPay is a Brazilian PSP that has gone from startup to strong player within the Latam Market. Gabriela dives into the changes that are happening in the local market as a result of COVID-19, including a new regulation that has led to stronger protection of funds for PSPs and Merchants.

We also discuss how Open banking in Brazil is projected to be implemented in the near future, and the top 5 things global merchants should take into consideration when entering the Brazilian market.

About PrimeiroPay .

PrimeiroPay is a unique payment service provider in Latin America. Our focus is to provide our merchants with a simple and efficient way to process cross-border payments in the region without the need of a local entity. We are connected to the major acquirers, providing Credit Card Payments as well as local payment methods such as Boleto Bancario. Using PrimeiroPay, your customers can purchase physical and digital goods online without any tax or Foreign Exchange burden as we process all cards locally. With our competitive tax structure, we are able to provide the best available rates in the market. Payments are made in Brazil, safe and secure for our merchants and your customers. 

Get in touch today and learn more about Primeiropay. To find out more, visit: http://www.primeiropay.com



Gabriela Vieira

Director of Legal and Operations at PrimeiroPay

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