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Implementation of Open Banking from Credit and Risk Perspective

implementation of open banking from credit and risk perspective

This week we are joined by Rolands Mestersthe CEO and Co-Founder of Nordigen. Nordigen is a global account data analytics platform for building powerful applications, onboarding flows, and customer experiences. 

We touch upon topics like:

  • Use of Open Banking for risk assessment and credit rating
  • Open Banking in the Nordics & Baltics
  • Integration of Open Banking with Big Data

Find out more how Nordigen is helping banks, lenders, and fintechs leverage open banking by extracting actionable insights from raw account data.

About Nordigen

Nordigen is a global account data analytics company helping banks and lenders improve the speed and accuracy of their credit decisions. We offer the best account-based income verification, transaction categorisation, and behavioural scoring solutions currently available. Nordigen operates across 17 countries, working with global banks and lenders.

Rolands Mesters

CEO & Co-Founder of Nordigen

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