Innovation Race between Banks and Fintechs – featuring AccessPay

innovation race between banks and fintechs, featuring accesspay

In this episode, we have the honour to speak to Danny Doyle and Winston Pearson of AccessPay – an integration platform that connects corporate businesses to any bank, payment scheme or system, whilst working in tandem with any existing back-office system. Whereas last week we looked at how the Open Banking Regulation holds in Germany, this episode focuses on the UK regulatory perspective. 

We were able to get a good perspective on how Open Banking works for not only consumers, but for corporate clients as well, and since AccessPay is based in the UK, we got an insight into how Open Banking has affected the way payments are made as well as the challenges that UK banks face in the innovation race against Fintechs.


About accesspay

The Enterprise-to-Bank integration platform. Creating a frictionless world where organisations can connect any back-office system, to 11,000+ banks and payment schemes quickly and securely. We solve banking integration challenges for thousands of finance and treasury teams across the globe. Always cloud-based. That’s what makes us the fastest growing FinTech outside of London

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Danny Doyle & Winston Pearson

from AccessPay

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