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Open Banking in the Nordics

Open Banking in the Nordics, w/ Kenneth Wagenius

On this week’s show, we take a look at how has Open Banking impacted the Nordics’ payment sphere. We are joined by Kenneth Wageniusc, the CTO of Neonomics, who explains how Neonomics is using biometrics and blockchain technology to enable free real-time instance international payments. Kenneth dives into the cultural differences in the banks across the world and talks about how we are moving into a more consumer-friendly payments landscape.


Join us for a special Open Banking Webinar on the 15th of July at 1 pm CET where we drill into some of the most exciting breakthroughs over the last year and hear from global leaders joining us from all facets of Open Banking. 

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About Neonomics:

Neonomics bridges the gap between compliance and innovation, growing a huge network of banks and FinTechs. Interconnectivity Solution by Neonomics enables secure, seamless and instant inter-bank communication via one API. We make any banks’ API comply with the regulations in a matter of days, affordably and efficiently. Banks connected to our unified API (UAPI) get interconnected with ever-growing network of other banks. Using this broad coverage, they can develop their own data-driven solutions, or deploy the latest innovations to open up new revenue sources. FinTechs get secure and instant access to a large volume of bank account data through one API, scaling their coverage fast.

Kenneth Wagenius

Chief Technology Officer at Neonomics

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